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GoSmart Movers offers Professional furniture dismantling and refitting services in Bangalore. So if you are looking to set up your cots, wardrobes or racks, simply call us now. Our professional carpenters will help you in no time

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      GoSmart Movers’ Home Care Services

      So…. You just finished moving into your new home, and you’re ready to start organizing. At GoSmart Movers, we work towards offering you a complete moving solution. Right from assembling your old furniture or the brand-new furniture that you just purchased online.

      Furniture assembly can be a tough job, especially if you’re trying to put together many pieces. To look and function its best, furniture needs to be put together the right way, using the right tools. Our professionals at GoSmart Movers will help you set up your new furniture in no time.

      If you need new furniture set up for your home, look no further than our furniture assembly service. We’ll give you some great reasons as to why a furniture assembly company is worth it.

      At GoSmart Movers, we aim to offer you a one-stop shop for all moving services

      Furniture Assembly

      Get Professional dismantling and refitting for all types of ready-made furniture. Our expert carpenters can help you with assembling your hydraulic cots or any other modular furniture. We can also help you assemble your wardrobes, crockery units, dining tables, and many more

      LED TV Wall Mounting

      Most people purchase LED TVs and often decide to mount them on the wall. However many times they often find it challenging to find reliable TV fixers, who can help them mount their TVs on the wall. At GoSmart Movers, our experts can help you set up your TV’s professionally

      Why choose GoSmart Movers Furniture Assembly

      Save Time

      When moving or remodeling, your home, you may have many other things on your mind. Dismantling and Rearranging furniture would be the last thing you should be spending your time on. Instead, call the experts and let us help you put things together. It will save you a lot of time for much more important things

      Experienced Professionals

      Furniture assembly deal with assembling and refitting furniture on a daily basis, so they truly are experts. They’ve set up countless types of furniture, from beds to tables and chairs. There’s nothing that they haven’t encountered and they know how to do it right. Even complex furniture is a breeze for them!

      Right Tools

      With an expert furniture assembly service, you won’t have to worry about spending money on buying tools that you won’t be using ever again. The furniture assembly handyman has the right tools that they need to set up the furniture properly.

      Your Safety is Important

      Setting up furniture use power tools can be dangerous to someone who is untrained and accidents are likely to happen if you don’t know how to do it. Many sharp or heavy furniture pieces can cause accidents. In general such incidents are the leading causes of accidents at home. Assembly experts will have everything they may need to set up the furniture without injury.

      Clean Up the Debris

      A professional furniture assembly service will take the time to clean up any mess that they make. This includes picking up any garbage left and ensuring that spare parts end up back in your hands. If drills and screws are involved, there may be sawdust or other debris from the furniture. The expert will clean up this mess to leave the house in a better condition than when they arrived

      Minimize chances of Damaging

      Putting furniture together can be difficult to maneuver, especially if you’re unsure of what needs to be done. Without the proper techniques, you may accidentally drop pieces or end up damaging your brand-new furniture or home.


      With IKEA opening its store in Bangalore, it has become pretty common for Bangaloreans to shop for their favorite do-it-yourself furniture from IKEA. However many people often find themselves in a dilemma after purchasing furniture. Although IKEA furniture comes with a well-defined manual, most people often don’t find the time or lack the tools to set up their furniture. They often resort to reaching out to the local carpentry, who may not have the expertise to set up the bed frame or assemble that wardrobe

      GoSmart Movers offers you the perfect solution. Our expert carpenters can help you with the assembly of IKEA furniture, helping you save precious time that you can spend on the more important things.

      Some of the IKEA products that we offer dismantling and re-fitting services are bed assembly, wardrobe assembly, study racks, TV- units and many more

      Simply call our furniture assembly service and book your appointment today

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      LED TV Wall Mount Charges

      Our rates are flat for for LED TV wall mounting within Bangalore. Please note that these prices are not inclusive of any materials or brackets that may be needed

      Screen SizePrice
      Upto 55 inchesRs 499
      Above 55 inchesRs 799