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Looking to transport your luggage or other parcels within India or even Internationally? At GoSmart Parcel Booking Service, we handle all types of parcel booking and luggage booking services from Bangalore. Whether you are thinking of moving just a few luggage bags or carton boxes or even parcel your furniture out of Bangalore, Well! our team can help you move them with ease and at a very affordable cost

What started as a small introductory service during the past lockdown, is now one of our preferred services. During the pandemic, our team at GoSmart have helped thousands of students, migrant workers and IT corporates by packing and transporting their luggage to their respective hometowns. Over the past year, GoSmart Movers through the support of their logistical partners, have expanded their network to service over 30,000 pin codes within India. The company has established its network overseas in countries like the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and to the middle eastern cities like Dubai and Bahrain

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GoSmart Luggage, Courier, Parcel Booking and Delivery Service

Our Parcel Booking Service offers easy door to door luggage shifting services in Bangalore. Our Luggage and Parcel Services are ideal for those having smaller loads. For businesses, these could mean small shipments, samples or even promotional items. Individuals may use such options for transporting their personal goods or even gifts.

Many people use luggage transport services to avoid exorbitant charges by Airlines. Excess baggage can cost a lot of money. Nowadays, one has the option to courier excess baggage. Which can help in saving a lot of money. Besides, it also allows the person to travel light. Luggage courier services are ideal for sending products that do not have industrial packing. GoSmart Movers can arrange door to door delivery and pick up of any goods weighing more than 25 kg. Our team of expert packers and movers can help you pack and organize your household goods of any shape and size. Through our network, we have the ability to deliver goods to more than 30,000 pin codes in India. This makes it very convenient and one of the best way to send luggage within India.


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    Frequently Asked Questions – Parcel Delivery Service in Bangalore

    Can luggage be couriered?

    Yes. There are companies that offer luggage courier services in Bangalore. Choosing the right logistics company is important. GoSmart Movers provides easy door to door parcel delivery services across India. GoSmart Movers also has a wide network across Europe, America, Asia and Australia. This makes it easy to ship luggage abroad from Bangalore.

    Can I track my luggage using a tracking number?

    Another great benefit of using GoSmart Movers is that they will provide you with a tracking link. A real-time tracking link will provide you with live updates about the status of your luggage. This can save you a lot of time and will also ensure that you have a stress free relocation service.

    What products can be sent through luggage courier services?

    All non-perishable and non-hazardous household items can be transported. That’s right! one can even send furniture by courier in India. You can also transport appliances like fridges, washing machines and LED TVs. Many transporters would transport your appliances. These items are clubbed together with other consignments. You need to ensure that your goods are safely packed and are fit for long distant moves. GoSmart Movers provides premium packing for household goods using high-grade packing materials.

    How is luggage transportation cost in India calculated?

    Bear in mind, that a goods carrier vehicle has limited space and a limited weight capacity. Your total cost will depend on the space and weight that your goods would occupy in the truck. Transportation costs include fuel costs, surcharges, taxes, packing material, labour costs. The total transportation cost will be divided with a percentage of space and weight occupied by your consignment.

    A transporter would consider the above viewpoint when providing you with a quote, however, it will always be a good idea to segregate your items before you think about transporting them. The basic question one should always consider is if the item is worth transporting. For more information please contact us.

    How can I book for parcel delivery in Bangalore

    The contact number for booking a parcel delivery service in Bangalore would be 6366212323. You can also contact us by visiting our contact page. An estimate could be provided to you on the basis of your requirement

    How can I check the weigh of my consignment?

    At GoSmart Movers, we carry a portable weighing scale, so that each of the items could be weighed in front of the customer after it is packed

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