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Smart Storage Services

The recent Pandemic greatly impacted everyone’s daily way of living. With ‘work from home’ culture being adopted by many companies, most people have been turning towards temporary storage companies to store their belongings, while they can work from the comfort of their homes.

Thousands of people in cities like Bangalore and Mumbai, chose to save exorbitant amount of residential rents by being able to safely store their goods at specially maintained warehouses options available across the city.

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Storage Space for All Your Needs !

Whether you are Remodeling, Renovating, Leaving Town or Simply De-Cluttering your House, we have Storage Services for all your needs

Travelling Abroad

One of the most common and practical ways to save exorbitant amount of monthly rent in Bangalore, is to store your household goods in a safe and secure warehouse.

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Remodeling / Renovating

Most people opt for storage space during Renovating or Remodeling their homes. Remodeling can be an extensive process and could sometimes take months. Most people

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When we have stayed at a place over a long time, we often tend to accumulate a lot of goods, that we may not use very often. These tend to pile up and often end up

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Why choose goSmart Storage Services?

Professional Packing Standards

We provide professional staff who are trained to meet International Quality standards when it comes to packing or handling household goods. Our team, will exclude all liquid and edible items to ensure that they do not damage other items at the warehouse

Round the clock CCTV Surveillance

We take all safety measures at our warehouse when it comes to monitoring and safeguarding the goods stored within. All our warehouses are equipped with CCTV surveillance and are monitored around the clock 24/7

Pest Control & Periodic Cleaning

All our warehouses are cleaned periodically and also pest -controlled regularly to ensure safety of all furniture and other goods stored at our warehouse. In addition, goods stored over a long period tend to accumulate dust. We have periodic cleaning and dusting at our warehouse

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