Is it worth paying for packing when moving?

Packing household goods correctly can mean the difference when choosing between a local transportation company and a reputed packers and movers company. It is very important and crucial to check with the moving company as to how packers and movers pack everything. It is always a good idea to request pictures or photographs to understand the packing standards followed by the moving company. Using professional packers can cost you some extra money. however, it will certainly ensure that your goods are handled professional avoiding damages. So at the end of the day, it would worth the money you’ve spent on packing

What are the Type of packing material used by Packers and Movers?

There are many grades of packaging material available in the market. Good quality packaging material will always cost higher. Choosing the right quality of packing material is very important. Most people, unfamiliar with the packaging industry may never understand the different quality options available in the packaging market. They maybe under the pretext that since a bubble wrap is used, or a corrugated sheet is used their items would reach safely. It is very important to know that a low-grade bubble wrap will tear easily and will offer very little protection during movement.

Similarly, corrugated sheets are available with different GSM standards. A corrugated sheet made up of lower GSM is very thin and may just tear during transit and may not serve any purpose. Cheap movers and packers often use these tactics to offer lowest price in packers and movers segment. This can be very risky as goods can get damaged in transit if they are not packed with the right packing material.

At GoSmart Movers, we use custom made moving blankets for packing of furniture and appliances. We use high grade bubble wrap sheets that are custom-made and designed for packing of IT equipment and are especially ordered for corporate movements. Additionally, the carton boxes that we use are strong durable boxes made of high quality corrugated sheets. These boxes can withstand heavy weights especially when goods are stacked on top of it. Choosing the right packing can help in protecting your goods and reduce the chances of damage during the transportation of household goods. All home items are packed professionally with trained and skilled staff. Appliances and Furniture are packed carefully. Thermocol or wooden casing can be provided for fragile electronic items to avoid damages during transportation.

Our team at GoSmart Movers and Packers do not compromise on the quality of packing or packaging goods which is one of the reason that we are considered among the top movers and packers in India

How much do packers and movers charges in Bangalore?

One of the most important factors that need to be considered is the packers and movers cost or the ‘Packers and Movers Cost Estimate’. Our surveyors could note down your requirements and design a custom moving plan suited to your budget

Getting a full load door to door delivery vehicle is always going to be more expensive than opting for a shared truck.

 packers and movers cost calculator will be dependent on various factors. In addition to the overall distance, other factors like volume of your household goods, cost for packaging material needed are noted. Simultaneously, the number of manpower required for loading and unloading is also taken into account

Do you offer luggage parcel service in Bangalore?

Yes, GoSmart Movers offers packing and door to door transport services from Bangalore to all over India. We can arrange safe and hassle-free transportation of luggage bags to almost 30,000 pin codes in India